Traverse's Songs of Summer program "displayed her versatility in repertoire. Her voice floated impressionistically yet with convincing down to earth ardor. She sang with well-controlled legato and delicate phrasing showing powerful emotion, both comedic and dramatic in her interpretations. 



"Shelly Traverse, a Seattle Opera chorister with an attractive soprano and lively stage manner, replaced an ill colleague as Hero and sounded and looked like the role had been hers all along."

                                                          - Opera News

“The real scene stealer here,” [Soprano Shelly Traverse] “charmed the audience with her voice and stage presence, both lovely and unaffected.”

                                                  -The Seattle Times

"Rounding out our set of couples as the charming Hero, is Shelly Traverse who was plucked 42nd street style from the chorus when Laura Tatulescu fell ill.  Traverse is light and innocence personified on stage. Her voice is dazzling and clear and she is effortlessly delightful."

                                               - Drama in the Hood


As for the singing, the standout on opening night was Shelly Traverse as Hero, stepping in at the last minute for an ailing Laura Tatulescu.  Her aria was lovely and deeply moving, the only time I was emotionally touched”


                                                                - Seattle Pi


“Traverse did extremely well opening night, sounding secure in her part with a clear and pretty voice well balanced with the other voices, and a good actress”


                                                        - The Sunbreak


“Bubbly and bouncy soprano Shelly Traverse is a sunshiny burst of operatic energy, her melismas flying by at a million miles an hour” 


                                                          - Copiouslove